Motorcycle and RV Services



Your 2 (or 3) wheeled toys need love too!.  Leather cleaned and conditioned, windscreens, chrome, and paint are polished to look new again. Your ride will look like the day it was built. ( or better!) 

 $75 for standard bikes. (cruisers, naked bikes, dual-sport, etc...)

 $125 for full body touring bikes. (Goldwings, Road Kings, etc....)

 $150 Trikes, Spyders 

 Please call for quote if not sure which class you fall in....

From the smallest travel trailer to the biggest Class A pusher, your home away from home can look like the day it was new! Exterior services remove black streaks, mold, mildew, and oxidation. Interior services will leave your oasis looking, smelling and feeling clean & refreshing.  

Don't start off a vacation or end the season by worrying about cleaning your RV.......


Basic RV Wash - $3.50 / ft.           Add Paint Sealant - $2 / ft.

Includes wash & dry, exterior glass, wheel cleaning and tire dressing / UV protect

Paint Sealant gives up to 3 months of gloss and protection

with proper care

Interior Detail - $12 per linear foot.  


 Exterior Detail - $12 per linear foot


Get both Interior AND Exterior for $20 per foot

  Best $4 per foot!

RV Detailing requires a flat, hard surface with 3' clearance on all sides (for ladder placement)
Thanks, Mike