A word aout Paint Correction (buffing)


     The Chief and Exterior Only packages include a one-step machine polish and wax that will remove light scratches and swirl marks. Swirls are scratches that when looked at with a light source or in direct sunlight appear in a circular pattern. These scratches are from normal wear and tear on your paint and from improper washing techniques. Over time these will cause the paint to look worn and faded, but even brand new cars can have swirls on them from improper washing from the dealer or using a drive thru car wash. An artical on proper wash techniques can be found by clicking button below. 

     The good news is that most of all scratches and swirls can be polished out. Obviously how severe they are and how much correction you want to see in the paint will drive the cost of full paint correction up or down. I charge at a flat hourly rate of $50 / hr.  If you are interested in advanced paint correction, I will polish a small test area to get an idea of the paint hardness and a rough estimate of time to do the entire vehicle. After a correction it is highly recommended to apply a Paint Coating and we will discuss options for a maintenance program for future cleaning of you near perfect paint. A comprehensive multi-step correction process is included in the Engine Company Elite package.