Boat and Aircraft Services

Boat and aircraft  paint  take a beating from the elements. Sun UV rays, bugs, road grime and saltwater take their toll. Firehouse uses professional grade, surface- specific products to bring back the shine and add protection.


Starting Prices

Boat Exterior Detail -  Open Bow   $12 per linear foot 

Cabin Cruiser / Cuddy  $18 per foot


Interior Detail - Open Bow   $10 per linear foot

Cabin Cruiser / Cuddy   $14 per foot


Both Interior and Exterior for Open Bow     $18 per foot. Best $4 per foot!


Interior and Exterior for Cabin Cruisers / Cuddy     $25 per foot. Best $5 per foot


Exterior detail includes Wash & dry, machine polish to remove oxidation, hazing and bring back gloss to gel coats. Finished with a coat of marine grade wax. Trailer washed, tires / wheels cleaned, dressed.


Interior detail includes: Vacuuming of all deck, floor surfaces, seating cleaned and conditioned, dash cleaned, all glass / Plexi cleaned, below deck carpet shampooed, living areas cleaned.


Boats must be dry-docked or on a trailer and must be accessible by vehicle. Thanks! 



Planes and helicopters need special techniques to be used due to their construction. Paint can be removed very quickly off screw and rivet heads if improperly polished. Firehouse is familiar with the special needs of aircraft and can get your aircraft looking great in no time! 

In addition to normal detailing services, aircraft services include; underbelly degreasing, landing gear cleaning, windshield polishing, light-lens restoration if needed. 

 Starting at $500 for single engine, two seaters.   Please call for a quote on other types and sizes of aircraft.